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Harass the dragon is a funny casual and cartoony take on the concept of harassment. Here you play as a weak puny knight and try to harass/disturb a sleeping dragon in order to try and steal the treasure it is keeping. The game has elements that involve the character interacting with the dragon either using tools to either disturb or calm the dragon without enraging it and getting yourself killed. It could also involve insulting and quirky conversations you can have with the dragon that would cause it to temporarily chase you and stuff.

The treasure can be a treasure chest or a fountain of gold that is being blocked by the dragon’s body/belly. Each time it moves away, the fountain sprays gold coins around the area for the player to collect. This can be counted as score and increase replayability value.

Published Oct 19, 2017
StatusIn development
TagsCasual, Funny


HarassTheDragon.zip 43 MB